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    Sheath Voltage Limiter

    Link Box, a box in which bonding or grounding connections, are made through removable links, and also contain arrestors functioning as sheath voltage limiters (SVLs), depending on the bonding requirements. The SVL is a non-linear resistor protective device having characteristics of a high impedance to currents flow when the voltage across it is low, but extremely low resistance when the voltage is high.

    Sheath Voltage Limiter is a protective device to limit high voltage surges appearing on the open circuited sheaths of specially bonded cable system suspectible to transient voltages; arising from lighting or switching transients, and the most serious case of short-Circuit Current. It is necessary to fit SVL’s between the sheath and ground.

    In early 2000’s EMELEC have established a sisterhood with Politek Elektromekanik A.S. with the production of SVL’s for cable sheath protection. Since then each year we have supplied more than 30.000 pcs SVL’s for our link boxes .

    Technical Document as pdf-file