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    Cable Cleats and Supports

    EMELEC Cable Cleats are available for trefoil and single cable applications where moderate to levels up to 40kA - 1 sec. / 50kA - 1 sec. / 63kA - 1 sec. short circuit withstand are required. According to these conditions EMELEC Cable Cleats are tested at IPH Berlin Laboratories. The unique design allows rapid installation. Manufactured from Aluminum Alloy (6000 series), acc. to BS EN 755, the product is lighter and tougher than the cast product. The cleats are supplied with bolts,washers and mutters which are galvanized steel.Incase of requirement stainless steel is available. EPDM (Neoprene) rubber bedding with thickness of 5 mm. is used with the cleats to increase friction resistance and accommodate of XLPE expansions as bedding during operation or short circuit conditions. The way cables are fixed into place is very important. Poor clamping can damage the cable or put undue strain on cable terminations or the cable conductors, sheathing or insulation. High Voltage Cables have special clamping requirements to ensure easy installation and the safe and long term performance of the cable system.

    Clamp Selection Criteria

    When choosing a Cable Clamp, the following factors should be considered;

    a) Total mechanical load the clamp is expected to support.

    b) Type of installation, such as horizontal runs, vertical runs, complex routes.

    c) Environmental conditions, indoor, outdoor, chemicals, salt-air etc.

    d) Operating temperature of the cables and the ambient temperatures.

    e) Material compatibility. i.e. the structure to which the clamp will be fixed.

    f) Cable overall size, shape and configuration. (flat, trefoil etc)

    Why use cable cleats for securing cables?

    Cable cleats are designed to fix, retain and support cables. In addition, where short circuit faults are anticipated, correct cleating will result in the containment of the cables during a fault and enable the circuit to restored once the fault has been repaired