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    Since 1999, EMELEC is actively proceed to be a global brand with it’s expert management and employee staff.
    Our Human Resources Department, plays a significant role in developing positive business culture and improving employee engagement and productivity. EMELEC HR Department also takes the lead on employee wellness and personal development.

    Recruiting and Hiring

    One of EMELEC HR Department’s first duty is to find and hire new team members, based on specific policies put in place to ensure a fair and effective hiring process. Our Human Resources Department is responsible for placing job postings in the marketplace, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews alongside supervisors and working with supervisors to select ideal applicants and extend job offers. 

    Employee Development

    EMELEC HR Department puts policies in place to run effective employee development programs. Employee development initiatives include things like training programs for new hires and existing employees, annual performance reviews and college tuition reimbursement.. EMELEC HR Department is responsible for working with supervising managers to develop relevant training curriculum. 

    How to Apply?
    Please, visit the following title in order to see the vacant positions as per your qualifications or submit a general job application  to info@emelec.com.tr