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    Medium Voltage Accessories

    Silicone rubber cable terminations with their insulators for indoor and open-air fields are design and produced for single and three core Medium Voltage Cables (Prothen-X)

    The silicone rubber cable terminations which do not undergo any physical and chemical changes within temperature limits of -63°C 15 and +250°C are resistant to the effects of solar rays, to ozon, ultraviolet rays, radiation, to mineral oils and alcohol, to acids and bases not altered by weather conditions but unresistant to biological factors.

    The installation of the cable termination can be done very rapidly and may immediately become functional, begin securely effective even under heavy working conditions.

    Terminations’s surface resistance is high for leakage current ways.

    For controlling the electrical field inside the cable termination, semiconductor material is put.

    The termination manufactured at 35 Shore A hardness are water resistent and can be used under steam of 130oC.

    The penetration of humidity and dirt into the termination end has been prevented by a special hat introduced between the cable and the termination.