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    Mission & Vision / Quality Policy

    Our Mission

    *To continue to be a reliable business partner that has the most widespread point network in the regions where it operates, provides the highest quality after-sales service, and is primarily preferred by the leading manufacturers and sales points in their fields.

    Our Vision

    *To continue our mission of being a reliable solution partner in the sales and distribution sector. To continue to create new projects and employment areas with the understanding of "new generation management". 


    Quality , Health & Safety And Environment Policy

    EM and EMELEC are committed to ensuring Customer Satisfaction and meeting the expactations and requirements with leading a transparent management in all our activities .

    In this direction ;

    We undertake to ensure the continuous development of the system by applying Quality, Occupational Safety and Environmental Management Systems and making necessary corrections in changing conditions.

    *We are committed that Quality should be a lifestyle for our company and ensuring it is never knowingly compromised.

    *We are committed to cooperate with our suppliers to comply with our environmental, occupational health and safety standards and legislation in line with our policy.

    *We undertake to work in harmony with all national legislation and international standards regarding Quality, Occupational Safety and Environmental management systems.

    *We undertake to fulfill the applicable conditions within the scope of Quality, Occupational Safety and Environmental management systems

    *We are committed to the protection of the environment and the efficient use of natural resources, by preventing environmental pollution.

    *We undertake a target principle of management about Occupational Safety and Environmental System.

    *We identify the risks and impacts of our activities in the sphere of occupational health and safety, and take necessary measures to prevent these risks or to reduce the undesirable effects.

    *We will create a Shared Quality, Occupational Safety and Environmental awareness by participating all our members of our Company , and we will continue to make this understanding a corporate culture.

    The conscious application of our current quality and complaint management system by each of our employees will contribute to the continuous improvement of this policy.

    Each department is responsible for taking and implementing the necessary actions regarding their own operations.