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    Filling Compound

    Filling compound designed to be used in a Link Box, or in Coffin Box for HV Cable joint protection has to withstand the same mechanical, thermal, and electrical stresses, and disturbances.

    It should also be of re-enterable type with the right degree of softness to be removed in case need of maintenance of replacing new parts or Sheath Voltage Limiters (SVL). Same is also required for Coffin Box for cable joint repair purposes.

    EMELEC offers such  product, a filling compound as an optional accessory. It is a three-part compound consisting of Polyurethane base components RESIN-BASE (Part A), and HARDNER (Part B) for polyaddition reaction, and plus FILLER (3rd Part) very fine grade of silica of high quality sand. All 3 parts are mixed at a set rate, packaged separately as a kit with mixer, and easy to follow preparation instruction. All delivered together in a plastic container weighing approximately 14 kg.

    Some advantages of the offered Filling Compound accessory are as following.

    • Easy Processing; due to the good fluidity of Parts A, and B
    • Good Flowability; penetration into voids, small sports.
    • Quick Setting; curing at room temperature
    • Self Adhession; attachment to metal surfaces
    • Good Thermal&Electrical properties; contributing in a secondary way to the integrity of the product.
    • Re-enterable; easily removed in case of maintenance.
    • Very reasonable price; added cost easily off-set by the added / improved properties.