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Factory Type Tests

Water Immersion Test (IP 68- IEC 60529): 
The following test was carried out on link box with cables and sealed with heat shrink sleeves.EPDM body sealing gasket of link box was fixed on cabinet, mutters tightened with 25-30 Nm and put into a water tank. The test set-up box assembly was immersed in water and heated up to 60 °C and waited 5 hours. After switching of heater, the water cooled down to 10°C with circulated cold water and waited 1 hour. After heated again up to 60°C. Total time of water immersion cycle is 10 heating cycles. The water column was 3 m above the link box. When still immersed in water tank 25 kV DC -1 min test and 40 kV impulse voltage test is applied via cables.After removal,opening of cover,there was no any visible water ingress,in the Link box. The processor with digital temperature display controlled the temperature of 60°C and the heating duration of 5 hours. The heating cycles dates are recorded through PLC System. Also, duration of cycles heating and pressure of test tank are recorded by a digital recorded system. These records are also shown by graphics and taken print out.
Impulse Voltage Withstand Test: 
10 positive and 10 negative impulses with an amplitude of 60 kV (between phase to phase) and 40 kV (between phase to earth) are applied to the bonding cables. SVLs are not used. In the lightening impulse test is no breakdown and flashover.
Dust Test: 
The subject Link box will be placed in a Dust Test Cabine. Dust test according to IEC 60529 IP5X with low pressure and free settling talcum for duration of 2 hours.Dust is not allowed to infiltare the specimen.during the test the specimen is passive.Specimen is placed inside Dust Test Cabine.Then the test is started.After 2 hours the dust is carefully removed with a brush and the specimen is opened for visual inspection.
Water Jet Test: 
The subject Link box will be placed in a Water Jet Spray Cabine.The water Jet Sprays is turned on subjecting the link box to heavy rain conditions and is held on for 15 minutes. The spray is turned off, then the hinged cover is opened for observation: There should be no visible ingress of water.

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